Holiday 2016: Crimea or Turkey?

With less money than last year, potential tourists are choosing low-budget tours over the exotic ones.

Svaboda spoke with the owner of the company Andrei Barashka about the trends in the tourist market.

According to the expert in tourism, despite a decrease in salaries, Belarusians are considering for recreation not only countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and so on, but the resorts of the higher price category.

“The interest is still there for the regular summer destinations – Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, etc. I can hardly name any new destinations, we shouldn’t really expect them. It is clear that this year the price will come to the fore, to be exact – the cost of the tour. But partly it is an occasion for the tour operators to think over the new package of proposals.”

Andrei Barashka also spoke about the prospects for the holidays in Crimea.

“I cannot say anything in advance, because this is the case when predicting something is almost impossible. We must understand that this direction is influenced by many factors, and many of them – the political, economic, security, even energy-bound. We all watch the news, we understand that in the Ukrainian region in general and in particular in Crimea things are not so simple. Respectively, the tourist traffic is affected by a lot of things. Without confidence in the political sphere, it is hard to argue anything.”

However, according to the analysts of the tourist market, many Belarusians this year will have to be satisfied with travels in their home country – the average salary ranges from $200 in equivalent, and there is no particular reason to hope that it will grow up before the holiday season.

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