Helloween takes over Minsk (photos)

Фота дня

Дзяучына у вобразе крывавай Малефісэнты падчас карнавальнага шпацыру на Хэлоуін па вуліцам Нямігі.

The festive atmosphere captured the Belarusian capital for a few days.

This year, the Helloween festival fell on a weekday, so the young residents of Minsk began to celebrate it on the weekend. The Ancient Celtic festival on the eve of Dzyady turned into a costume carnival with a dark tint.

The true fans of the carnival traditionally gathered at Nyamiha and in Minsk clubs. Local clubs, cafes and fast food stores invited guests to celebrate Helloween already on Saturday.

This year, the cold windy weather tainted the little celebration at Nemiga, so a lot of the Helloween fans gave up on the disguise part and walks on the cold streets. The most loyal Helloweeen fans celebrated it at the music festival in the “Bruges” club. There you could visit the photozone with the royal chair from the “Game of Thrones”, a guillotine, and other torture devices.

Text and photo – Vyachaslau Radzimich

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