German riot police detain Russian citizen suspected of terror attack planning

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A 31-year-old citizen of Russia who is involved in the setup of an explosion in the territory of Germany has been arrested in Berlin.

The operation was conducted by Berlin and federal police forces, Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office reports.

According to prosecutors, the detainee“s name is Magomed-Ali C. He intended to to commit a grave crime together with the 22-year-old Clement B., who was detained in Marseilles in April 2017. At the end of 2016, the duo bougtinto a large amount of TATP explosive, which was stored in their apartment in Berlin. But the planned terror attack in Berlin was thwarted by the policemen who were observing Magomed-Ali.

Fearing exposure, the suspects decided to disperse. Clement B. went to the west of Germany, and then to France. Magomed-Ali C. has stayed in Berlin until now. According to German media outlets, he is a native of Chechnya., following DW

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