French opera singer of Ukrainian origin killed by sniper in Donbas

Baritone singer Vasily Slipak had lived in France for 19 years. When the war broke out in Donbas, he came to eastern Ukraine as a volunteer. On June, 29 he was killed.

Vasily Slipak, who was born in Lviv, worked at the National Opera in France. The Parisian audience called him ‘Mephisto’ due to his outstanding performance of the role in Charles Gounod’s Faust.

When Euromaidan protests started in Kyiv and other cities, Slipak could not leave France as he had a contract with the Opera. But the singer organized actions in support of Ukraine in Paris and became a co-founder of the organization Fraternité Ukrainienne ( ‘Ukrainian Brotherhood’).

When Russian troops appeared in eastern Ukraine, the singer decided to go there. He fought as a volunteer in the 7th separate assault battalion of the Right Sector.

Slipak was shot down by a sniper when Russian-backed separatists launched an attack on Debaltseve. He will be buried in his native Lviv.

Watch his performance of Toreador’s aria for which Vasily Slipak was placed first in the Hungarian Opera Competition Armel:

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