Frantsishka Urshulia Radziwill was first female playwright in GDL


The world is celebrating the anniversary of Frantsishka Urshulia Radziwill.

Some facts about this outstanding personality:

Frantsishka Urshulia Radziwill (1705 – 1753) was a poet and the first woman-playwright in the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania.

She received a good education, spoke European languages, knew the world literature and history.

She managed the restoration of the Niasvizh Castle, reestablished the printing press house and increased the Niasvizh castle library of up to 9,000 volumes.

Frantsishka Urshulia was in love with the theater, but when a foreign theatre company arrived at the castle, the princess did not like the performance and decided to create her own theater.

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