Former first violin of Opera House leaves Belarus

Former first violinist of the National Opera and Ballet Theater Regina Sarkisova – one of those who was fired in October after holding a solidarity rally ahead of the show – has moved to Lithuania. She told the details in an interview with Narodnaya Volya.

Now Regina Sarkisova is in Vilnius, soon she plans to start working at the Klaipeda Musical Theater.

Sarkisova said that she was fired from the National Opera and Ballet Theater under Article 47 of the Labor Code of Belarus – for ‘committing an immoral act incompatible with further work’.

Regina Sarkisova. Photo: magazine “Parterre”

The main concertmaster Regina Sarkisova, violinist Alla Dzhyhan and violaist Alyaksandra Patsiomkina were fired from the National Opera and Ballet Theater. Before the performance of the opera The Tsar’s Bride on October 27, Regina Sarkisova and Alyaksandra Patsiomkina addressed the audience and said that the orchestra’s artists could not remain indifferent to what was happening in the country, that they were against violence. After that, the audience sang the hymn “Mahutny Bozha” in the hall, followed by prolonged applause, and then the show began.