Fall in the ruble: Belarusians rush to buy cars in Russia again

The weakening Russian ruble has attracted Belarusians buyers to the neighboring country. Premium class cars are being sold particularly well.

In Russia their cost may be several thousand euros below than that of the Belarusian car market.

“It has become more profitable for dealers to buy cars that are getting cheaper in Russia and deliver then to neighboring countries,” Ekaterina Kornoukhova, a representative avto.ru, says.

Since January 10, the number of visits by residents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Armenia who view for-sale ads on the website has significantly increased.

According to avto.ru, the average cost of BMW X5 class of 2011 is € 20,000 in Russia, € 26,000 – in Belarus, € 29,000 – in Germany. Car sold via avto.ru are then listed for sale on websites in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Germany.

An employee of Russia’s Skoda dealership mentioned a customer Belarus, who was willing to buy a Skoda Superb at the price which was a few hundred thousand Russian rubles higher than a usual retail price. Given the fact that a buyer does not have to pay a customs duty when delivering cars produced in Russia to Belarus, even under such conditions the purchase would be bargain.

belsat.eu, following Kommersant

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