EU to pay for restoration of Belarusian monuments

Today, the Rejtan homestead located in the Lyakhavichy District is in poor condition, but soon the cultural complex will receive funding for restoration.

In the next two years, the EU will allocate € 1.187 million under the “Poland – Belarus – Ukraine” cross-border cooperation program.

“The significance of this event cannot be overemphasized. After all, as you know, a few years ago Hrushauka was to be sold or used for investment projects, and it could have been owned by a foreigner. The place could have lost its significance as a shrine for Belarusians,” explains Dzmitry Yurkevich with Tadeusz Reitan art society.

The estate was not sold only through the efforts of the community.

The architectural complex was empty and subject to destruction for a long time, now the 21 hectares of the territory will be put in order, the facade and the roof of the manor will be restoted, a town of craftsmen will be created, and the Rejtan family tomb will be restored.

The most famous member of the Rejtan family Tadeusz Rejtan was a patriot, who tried to prevent the First Partition of Poland. Poles consider him a national hero, in Belarus, popularization of the outstanding figure of Belarusian history of the XVIII century started only several years ago thanks to the activists’ work.

Volha Chaychyts, Andrus Kozel, “Belsat”

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