EU-Belarus: Visa regime liberalization looming?

Сцягі Еўразвязу каля Еўрапейскай камісіі. Фота: Reuters/Forum

The European Commission has submitted the conclusion of the agreement between the EU and Belarus on the visa regime liberalization to the Council of the European Union. The draft document was made on August 30, but it is not until September 18 that it appeared in the document register.

If the agreement comes into force, the visa fee for processing applications lodged by citizens of the European Union and the Republic of Belarus will be set at EUR 35. At the same time, the following categories of persons will benefit from a full waiver of the visa fee: children under the age of 12, persons with disabilities, close relatives, members of official delegations participating in government activities, pupils, students and post-graduate students, representatives of civil society organisations, humanitarian cases and persons participating in scientific, cultural, artistic activities and sport events.

The agreement shall be ratified or approved by the parties in accordance with their respective procedures and shall enter into force on the first day of the second month following the date on which the parties notify each other that the procedures referred to above have been completed.

If Belarus and the EU fail to sign the document until February 2020, a Schengen visa will cost Belarusians EUR 80 instead of 60.

Belarus-EU agreement may be signed before increasing Schengen visa fee

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