EHU or BSU? Future students weigh ‘pros’ and ‘cons’

Every year over more than 200 Belarusian school students try to enter the European Humanities University placed 180 kilometers from Minsk.

In the EHU, the Belarusian university in exile, 80% of students are citizens of our country. They do not hide the fact that education received abroad is the most valuable thing for them.

What are the advantages of studying in Vilnius?

Besides the European diploma, the administration of the university is proud of their updated educational programs and flexible payment system.

With good grades and social activity you can get a discount for studying in the Belarusian universities as well. Overall, with average grades education in the EHU would cost you more than Belarusian education — 2,000 euros — while at the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University you will have to pay 1,250 euro. However, this year’s training in the Belarusian universities on average has increased by 10%.

Good student? Go to EHU!

The European Humanities University may be a tempting option for applicants with the highest scores. After graduation in Belarus they are facing obligatory work placement, while in Vilnius they end up with a European diploma. At the same time, according to last year’s survey, more than 60% of the EHU graduates return to their homeland.

The institution is sure that the EHU’s reputation was not blemished by a number of scandals linked with the university administration. The search for new rector applicants are to start in the second half of 2017.

Tanya Reut, “Belsat”

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