Economic expert: factual average salary in Belarus $ 200

Despite assurances made at the highest level about this year’s average wage reaching 1,000 BYN, salaries in the country continue to fall. According to the National Statistics Committee, in the first quarter of this year, the average salary in the country amounted to 737 BYN. In comparison with the last quarter of last year, it is down 1.2%. In Brest, there even appeared a banner with the question: “Where is the promised $ 500?”

The fall of wages is observed in the capital.

In April, Minsk residents earned on average 1,103 BYN. Compared with March 2017, it is -14 BYN. The highest income is received by the IT sector workers. The lowest are in the cultural sector.

Despite the National Statistics Committee data, half of the workers of Belarus receives less than 500 BYN, says economist Mihail Zaleski. According to Zaleski, except Minsk and more affluent regions such as Salihorsk, the average salary of Belarusians amounts, perhaps, to the half of the declared official figures.

In response to the drop in wages, our citizens are increasingly leaving for Russia. Even according to official statistics, in the last quarter, the number of migrants from our country has doubled. In turn, Chinese and Ukrainians are coming to work in Belarus.

Arkadz Nestsyarenka, “Belsat”

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