Doping case: Russian anthem may be banned at Olympics in South Korea

The opening of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea is three months off.

Penalties may be imposed in connection with the use of doping by Russian athletes at the recent Olympic Games in Sochi.

According to the investigation, the Russian doping scheme involved about 1,000 athletes from 30 different sports.

Top officials for the International Olympic Committee are considering a menu of possible penalties against Russia for doping violations, including barring the country’s national anthem, keeping its delegation of athletes out of the opening ceremony and having Russian athletes compete under a neutral flag or wear neutral uniforms, The New York Times reports. International doping agencies are demanding Russian athletes should be barred from participating in the next Olympics Games. According to the NYT sources, the I.O.C. is unlikely to impose a total ban on Russia.

Thomas Bach, president of the I.O.C., is expected to announce a decision on Russia’s punishment for doping violations on Dec. 5.

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