Blogger and political prisoner Ihar Losik on hunger strike, his wife joins in solidarity

On December 15, Ihar Losik, who is in the Zhodzina prison now, has gone on a hunger strike. He became a defendant in a new criminal case, blogger Anton Matolka reports. Daria Losik, Ihar’s wife, wrote on her Instagram that she was also going on a hunger strike in solidarity with her husband.

Ihar Losik. Photo from Facebook

December 25 was supposed to end of Ihar’s detention. But new charges were brought against him. Now the case is initiated not only under Part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code (“Preparations to violate public order”), but also under Article 13 part 2, Article 293 (“Preparation to participate in riots”).

Ihar Losik pleaded not guilty and reacted to the new pressure by declaring an indefinite hunger strike until all charges were dropped or the measure of restraint was changed.

He considers his criminal prosecution to be politically motivated. Human rights activists believe the same, they recognized Ihar Losik as a political prisoner.

In letters to his acquaintances, Ihar wrote that no investigative actions were carried out with him. “It feels like they’re just being bullied,” he said.

Ihar and Daria Losik. Photo from Facebook

Daria Losik, Ihar’s wife, wrote in her Instagram that she is also on a hunger strike as a sign of solidarity.

“Genocide has been declared against our family, which forces us to go to extreme measures,” she wrote.

The administrator of the popular telegram channel “Belarus of the Brain” Ihar Losik was detained on June 25, 2020 after a search in his apartment in Baranavichy.