BelTA: 33 militants of Russian Wagner PMC detained in Belarus

Belarusian law enforcement officers have detained militants of the Russian private military company Wagner near Minsk, BelTA informs.

According to the story, over 200 militants arrived in Belarus to destabilize the situation during the election campaign. The Russians had a small hand luggage for each of them and three big heavy suitcases, which were loaded into the vehicle by several men.

Upon arrival in Minsk on the night of 24-25 July, the group checked into one of the hotels in Minsk and was to leave on 25 July, but left the hotel on 27 July, moving to one of the resorts in Minsk district.

At the resort, the Russians stood out by the uncharacteristic behavior of Russian tourists and similar clothing in the military style. They also drank no alcohol and visited no entertainment facilities. They were in separate groups, trying not to attract attention. They carefully studied the territory and surroundings of the resort in small groups.

On the night of July 29th , 32 people were detained by the KGB group “A” with the support of the Minsk riot police. Another person was found and detained in the south of the country.

The list of detainees:

Milaev Arem Viktorovich, 01.02.1981

Takhir Minigayanovich Bakhtigaraev, 18.04.1980.

Altukhov Alexander Viktorovich, 18.04.1980

Lee Vladimir Alexandrovich, 26.07.1989

Andrey Yurievich Kozhevnikov, 16.01.1980

Alexey Vladimirovich Sapronov, 08.07.1978.

Shcherbakov Sergey Vladimirovich, 21.07.1981

Alexey Vladimirovich Volgin, 21.06.1975.

Driga Oleg Igorevich, 03.06.1986

Sergey Grigorievich Pavlenko, 25.06.1976

Rudenko Alexander Svyatoslavovich, 26.12.1984

Denis Yurievich Kharitonov, 16.03.1980.

Sergey Alexandrovich Sidorov, 01.01.1972

Koshman Maxim Yaroslavovich, 06.09.1981

Sergey Gennadyevich Bubnov, 08.01.1971

Pavel Alexandrovich Nizhnik, 24.06.1987

Vladimir Ivanovich Selikhov, 04.10.1986

Fetisov Gennady Evgenievich, 22.10.1986

Fomin Mikhail Nikolaevich, 07.03.1973

Vladimir Sergeyevich Yekimov, 19.10.1973.

Karimov Rinat, 15.08.1984.

Alexander Shubin, 15.01.1996

Shelomentsev Igor, 18.08.1975.

Maslov Sergey Alekseevich, 29.09.1988

Zaidulen Rustem, 06.10.1974

Tokarenko Andrey Viktorovich, 24.01.1965

Serdyukov Andrey Viktorovich, 16.08.1975

Sergeyev Fyodor Mikhailovich, 17.05.1987

Tanov Rafik Kabulovich, 30.04.1975

Zyablitsev Evgeny Sergeyevich, 23.11.1992.

Samarin Pavel Lvovich, 11.11.1981

Andrey Bakunovich, 30.12.1977

Shatsky Artem, 30.07.1982

The video of the arrest was shown on Belarus 1 TV.

During the “anti-parasite” protests of 2017, 35 people were detained in the framework of the so-called “Cases of patriots” on charges of education and preparation for mass riots, and later even of creating an illegal armed formation.

Six months later, the case was closed and the detainees were released a few months after the end of the protests.

According to international investigators, the “Wagnerians” are secretly subordinated to the headquarters of the GRU, that is, the Russian Defense Ministry. They participated in the capture of the Crimea 5 years ago, continue to fight on the Russian side in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Syria. This military group was seen in Sudan and the Central African Republic, where three Russian journalists who were investigating actions of “Wagnerians” were killed. Also in their service record are Yemen, Libya and Venezuela.