‘Belsat’ investigations receive awards at ‘Free Words’ contests

Кацярына Андрэева і Станіслаў Івашкевіч

The Belarusian Association of Journalists has announced the winners of the creative contest “Free Words”. Among them are journalists of “Belsat” Katsyaryna Andreyeva and Stanislau Ivashkevich.

In the journalistic investigation category, the second place was given to the story by Stanislau Ivashkevich about the Belarusian weapons falling into the hands of the Syrian rebels. Katysaryna Andreyeva won the third place for the investigation of Belarus’ trade with the separatists of the DNR and LNR, which she co-authored with Ihar Ilyash. Earlier, “Belsat” recognized this as the Internet story of the year.

A representative of Belsat Alaksiej Minchonak at the awards ceremony. Photo – Iryna Arakhouskaya, belsat.eu

Awards for Belsat journalists. Photo – Iryna Arakhouskaya, belsat.eubelsat.eu

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