Belarusian suspected of setting fire to Yeltsin monument in Yekaterinburg

A monument to former Russian president Boris Yeltsin has been doused with petrol and set on fire on November 7, on the anniversary of the October revolution.

Belarusian Ihar Shchuka, a former resident of Salihorsk, has been arrested on suspect of arson. He is facing a charge of vandalism.

Ihar Shchuka is a member of the National Bolshevik Party (also known as The Other Russia). In the spring of 2015 he went to Crimea and to Donbas, where he ‘covered the events as a blogger’, The Other Russia says. According to them, Ihar Shchuka has never been a mercenary.

“The protest is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917,” Alexander Averin, a representative of the party, told RBC.

The monument to the first president of Russia is set near the entrance to Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg. According to the press service, it has not been damaged.

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