Belarusian schools, toilets and library named after Brazilian stripper

Even though it was only limited to the Google Maps, the new flash mob came to Belarus from Russia. There has been no reaction from the Google Maps yet.

A Russian flash mob to rename objects in the Google Maps has reached Belarus. In essence it is about adding the prefix “named after Ricardo Milos” to the real name of the institution. First of all, the flash mob affected educational institutions — a number of Minsk schools and a gymnasium are now named after Ricardo Milos on Google Maps.

But the participants of the flash mob did not stop there and began to give new names to other objects. So, now on the map of Mahiliou you can find a library named after Ricardo Milos, on the map of Brest — the Cathedral named after Ricardo Milos, and in Talochyn — the cinema named after Ricardo Milos.

School named after Ricardo Milos in Minsk

Gradually, opponents of the Belarus Interior Ministry head Ihar Shunevich joined the flash mob. Thus, a number of public toilets named after Shunevich appeared on the Minsk map.

Toilets named after Shunevich in Minsk

Users of the Google Maps service glorified other famous characters. For example, a high school was named Harry Potter, and the Belarusian-Russian University in Mahiliou was named after Billy Harrington Junior. These names quickly appear in the most unexpected places. This makes it interesting to check whose name the facility near you was named after. There may be big surprises — such as the toilet named after Ricardo Milos in Brest or the toilet named after Shunevich in Minsk.

Library named after Ricardo Milos on the map of BrestRicardo Milos is a Brazilian stripper who became a meme all over the world in 2010. In Russia, the video with Ricardo became viral only in 2018. In the video, an almost naked man is dancing in underwear and a red bandana.

School named after Happy Potter in Mahiliou

By the way, the Google Maps service gives an opportunity to all Internet users to clarify the description of the object, which the participants of this flash mob used.

Volha Vasilyeva,

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