Belarusian riot police against Daniella snow storm

Special units that are notorious for their brutal dispersals of anti-Lukashenka street protests in Belarus are involved in fighting with the snow brought by Daniella cyclone.

The city-based brigades of Interior Ministry troops are assisting community services in cleaning the streets of Minsk from snow, state-run news agency BelTA reports.

Under the decision by Yury Karayeu, Commander of the internal troops, 200 soldiers of military units 5448, 3214 and 5529 are participating in snow handling today. The officers are reported to help them.

“The soldiers are working in shifts. They are removing snow from areas adjacent to military units, public transport stops, yards, kindergartens,” the press service chief Uladzimir Parhomtsau said.

The snow storm is moving from the south-west of Europe across the central regions of Belarus to Russia and is expected to bring more heavy fall-outs (snow and rain), storms and wind gusts of up to 18m/s.

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