Belarusian-born spin doctor who had experience in foreign election campaigns arrested

Political technologist Vitaly Shklyarov was arrested in Belarus on July, 29. He managed to make a one-word post on Telegram.

“I’ve been arrested,” he said.

Later, state-run TV station ONT TV reported that Shklyarov ‘had mobilised Syarhei Tsikhanouskis protest electorate around himself.

There were reports about Vitaly Shklyarov’s links to Tsikhanouski’s campaign, but he has repeatedly refuted his having any relation to it. The expert was born in Homiel, the hometown of the might-have been presidential candidate. Sklyarov studied in Germany; he was involved in the election campaigns of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders.

On the same day, 33 members of Wagner private military company (citizens of the Russian Federation) who were staying in the Belarusachka health centre in Minsk district were detained on suspicion of making preparations for mass riots. The Belarusian investigators trace the connection between the arrival of the detained Russian militants and Tsikhanouski’s activity.

On July 30, Andrey Raukou, Secretary of the Security Council, stated that more than 200 militants had come to Belarus to ‘destabilise the situation during the election campaign’.

Head Security Council spoke about measures after detention of Wagner PMC militants