Belarusian blogger arrested in Russia

1863x reports that Jhon Silver, the creator of the website, was detained by Russian special services. Further details are to appear in a few days.

1863x is a blog dedicated to analysis of the current political developments in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, as well as Belarusian history and culture. The unsigned materials sharply criticize the regime of Lukashenka and Putin.

According to Silver, two criminal cases were brought against him last year for his activities in the blog – for inciting ethnic strife and spreading pornography.

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The blogger decided to hide in Ukraine. All the while he lived in Kyiv, from where he continued to work on the blog.

On January 22 Silver said that he got poisoned.

Адзін з апошніх допісаў Джона Сільвера ў «Тўітары»

One of the last messages John Silver in Twitter

On January 23, he wrote that he was down with poisoning.

Youth activist Paval Yukhnevich, who confessed that he knew John Silver personally, in an interview with the journalist said that the blogger went to a meeting in Russia. There he was arrested and put in jail. Even his wife now cannot reach Silver.

The site, however, continues to be updated. The editorial promises that in spite of everything it will continue to work and says that to release the “comrade” they will need help and support of the readers.

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