Belarusian awarded with “For Courage” medal in Ukraine

A former resident of Barysau Alyaksandr Malchanau has received an award in Ukraine.

According to the, the award marked participation in the fighting around Avdiivka.

Alyaksandr Malchanau took part in the protest on December 19, 2010, immediately after the presidential elections. He was accused of involvement in the riots and of insulting the official flag, which he tore away from the KGB building.

On March 2nd, 2011, a Minsk court judge Tatsiana Charkas senyenced Malchanau to three years’ imprisonment in a strict regime colony. He served his sentence in the colony #15 of Mahiliou. He was pardoned by Lukashenka, although he had not filed a request for clemency.

After the prison term, Malchanau could not get a job. They would not hire him, despite the fact that he had previously worked at the Barysau repair-mechanical plant andd other facilities.

Alyaksandr Malchanau later moved to Ukraine, where he joined the ranks of the armed forces under contract.

The “For Courage” medal is a non-governmental all-Ukrainian award with a special status. It is used to mark the ATA heroes, who in difficult conditions proved their loyalty to the people of Ukraine. The medal is awarded to soldiers and volunteers for personal courage and bravery shown in the hot spots of the conflict.,, photos from Alyaksandr Malchanau Facebook account.

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