Belarus seeks to raise tariff for transit of Russian oil by 23%

Phot. Reuters

Belarus has informed the Russian Transneft of its intention to increase the tariff for transporting oil through its territory by 23%, the head of the company, Nikolay Tokarev, reports. According to him, “this is a negotiating position that requires discussion.”

Nikolai Tokarev added that “the negotiating platform will be in the government,” the company representative said.

«Белнефтехим» продолжит повышать стоимость бензина

Commenting on the possible change in tariffs, the chairman of the Belneftekhim concern, Andrei Rybakou, noted that serious technical and environmental requirements are imposed on the operation of oil pipelines, and ensuring safety during oil transportation is quite expensive and requires constant monitoring, modernization and replacement of worn-out equipment, BelTA writes.

Всемирный банк не исключает рецессии в Беларуси из-за налогового маневра в России

At the same time, Andrei Rybakou said that the tariff for the transportation of oil through Belarus is the lowest among the transit countries and currently amounts to $ 0.86 per 100 ton-kilometers. For example, the tariff in Poland is higher by 22% ($ 1.05), in Ukraine — by 62% ($ 1.39).

He added that work on tariffs is ongoing through negotiations among the parties concerned.

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