Belarus ranks world fourth in currency depreciation


Belarussian Ruble entered the top 9 list of most unfavorable currencies for investment at the end of 2015. Bloomberg says our money depreciated 42% in that period.


Bloomberg did not specify its calculations. According to the National Bank of Belarus, in relation to a basket of currencies, the ruble in 2015 depreciated by 35.84%. As calculated by BelaPAN, the ruble against the dollar fell 56.70% (from Br 11,850 to Br 18,569).

The three world leaders of devaluation in 2015 became the Azerbaijani, Kazakh and Zambian currencies. Together with the Belarusian ruble the Argentine peso is in the top five.

In sixth place in the list of leaders of the devaluation is the Ukrainian hryvnia, which has been on the list for two consecutive years. It should be noted that the currency of the warring country turned out more stable than the currency of the stable Belarus.

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