BelaPAN, Deutsche Welle journalists at liberty


Паўлюка Быкоўскага вызвалілі!

Карэспандэнта «Deutche Welle» ў Беларусі Паўлюка Быкоўскага вызвалілі!

Publiée par «Белсат» sur Vendredi 10 août 2018

BelaPAN editor-in-chief Iryna Leushyna and Deutsche Welle correspondent Paulyuk Bykouski have been released from custody.

Relatives and friends met the journalists near the building of the Investigative Committee in Minsk, where they were taken for questioning today.

As Bykouski signed an order of non-disclosure, he cannot comment on the case.

“I will not complain about confinement conditions – they are usual for a detention centre. There was no pressure during interrogation, nothing extraordinary,” he said.

According to news agency BelaPAN, Leushyna, who is also under a gag order, is a suspect in the case. The investigators’ questioned her for about 2 hours.

On Thursday, the Belarusian Investigation Committee released TUT.BY employees Maryna Zolatava, Hanna Kaltyhina, Hanna Yermachonak, Halina Ulasik, and BelaPAN journalist Tatsyana Karavyankova.

In addition, Alyaksei Zhukau, an editor at the website of the Belarusians and Market newspaper, was freed on Thursday. As he signed a non-disclosure agreement, he cannot even reveal whether he made any confession, the journalist told

On August 7, an unprecedented wave of media workers’ arrests started in Belarus.

After Iryna Akulovich, Head of state-controlled news agency BelTA, had reported ‘illegal access to their premium content’, the Belarusian Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under the article ‘unauthorized access to computer information, made out of personal interest, which caused significant harm’. According to the authorities’ version, some employees of the above-mentioned media outlets have used another person’s password and got information owned by the Lukashenka mouthpiece over the past two years. journalists Halina Ulasik, Maryna Zolatava, Hanna Kaltyhina, Ulyana Babayed, Dzmitry Bobryk, Hanna Yermachonak, BelaPAN editors Tatsyana Karavyankova, Iryna Leushyna and Andrey Serada, Deutsche Welle correspondent Paulyuk Bykouski and the Belarusians and Market journalist Alyaksei Zhukau were also detained. Later Bobryk, Serada and Babayed were later released. As part of the case, four journalists of the property portal were interrogated.

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