Authorities block funds of BY_help beneficiaries

The head of the fund helping the repressed, Alyaksei Lyavonchyk, wrote on his Facebook that, according to the demands of the authorities, the accounts of people receiving financial assistance from the by_help fund are massively blocked.

According to Lyavonchyk, there is evidence of 60 cases of funds blocked at the accounts of beneficiaries.

“Details and a plan of action will come later, but one thing is already clear: from beating the Belarusians, the invaders went over to direct theft of money that we paid to the torture victims.”

Alyaksei Lyavonchyk recommends withdrawing money from deposits as quickly as possible.

He also notes that By_help continues to work and continues to pay on applications in a regular mode.

“Processing of applications is done in a regular mode and did not stop for a minute. Nothing changes, except for additional troubles for the Belarusian authorities. Because if we stop, they will win. We will not stop.”

BY_help’s campaign collects donations for those arrested, fined, wounded and beaten by security forces after the August 9 elections. In the entire existence of the fund, more than 2,300 people have applied for help. About 1.5 million euros have been paid out.