Belarus threatens to open door to Europe for smugglers and illegal immigrants

Sanctioned by the EU, Belarus is about to review its standard for patrolling the border line between EU member countries and Belarus, news agency Belapan reports referring to an anonymous source in the State Border Committee.

According to the source, taking into account the current situation and resulting from its opportunities, the State Border Committee starts guarding the border line on the principle which is used by the neighbouring countries, i.e. supervising of entering the country will be prioritized. Earlier Belarusian border guards’ efforts to patrol the border were distributed on an even basis.

«It is dangerous to politicize such a thing as a border line, but now we are under such conditions. Any sanctions influence [the situation with – Belsat] the border first of all. While our western colleagues were sitting out we used to do a lot of their work. We often gave them information about our detaining somebody or preventing importation of something into their territory. These sanctions have put them in their own trap. Now border patrol issues should be reviewed taking into account our real opportunities and we can work as they do, i.e. monitor entrances to the country,» the source stated. It assured that border guards would perform their duties on supervising departures from Belarus in the fullest extent.


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