Labiedzka skeptical about sanctions agains Belarusian prime minister

The head of the United Civic Party commented on the proposed EU sanctions against the Belarusian prime minster Mikolai Miasnikovich. Labiedzka thinks that the entry ban should apply in the first place to the officials working for the military and police, who broke the law.

The news about new sanctions came last week from the EU Observer website, which quoted “diplomatic sources”. According to them, embassies of the EU countries in Minsk are now compiling a list of people which are to be blacklisted. Among them, there is the prime minister Miasnikovich, deputy prime minister Uladzimir Siemashko and the head of the border guards Ihar Rachkowski.

“If a part of the government decides to express their critical opinion on the economic situation in the country, they cannot suddenly become banned from entering the EU.” – Labiedzka told Belsat. The listed officials are accused of helping Lukashenka in accumulating wealth. But recently the prime minster criticized the economic policy imposed by the presidential administration, to promote large-scale state investments. In response, Lukashenka expressed his dissatisfaction with the government’s work.

There are 245 Belarusians banned from entering the EU countries. According to a anonymous sources, quoted by the EU Observer, the list will expanded by names of state officials and businessmen with ties to the regime.


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