Lukashenka’s regime to compete with Belsat

The Belarusian state-owned television is to undergo revolutionary changes – reported independent weekly Bielgazeta. One of the new projects is to launch a news channel Belarus24 which would compete with foreign media, such as Belsat. It’s all about wining hearts and minds. Bielgazeta quoted head of the Belarusian television Hienadz Davydzki saying that “the third world war is fought in people’s souls”.

The reforms in public television run deep, according to the plans announced last week. All channels will now be named Belarus. So, the Channel 1 on November 5th will become Belarus-1 and Channel Lad will be called Belarus-2. But the changes go far beyond the names. Next year, a new channel Belarus-3 is to be launched, which will broadcast cultural programs in Belarusian language. Finally, channel Belarus-TV, so far broadcasting abroad, will be replaced by a 24-hour news program.

The project to launch a new info channel was also announced by an editor-in-chief of Belarus-TV, Mr. Kiril Kazakow, during a press conference. “Our ambitious project is to create a news agency and become a competitor for already existing news agency, which operates in Belarus, occupies space in the Internet and even tries to make a TV.” Mr. Kazakow said he hoped to create an interesting, dynamic news channel, which will “talk about event in Belarus both for Belarusian and foreign audience”.

For the commentators, it was obvious that the news channel is meant to create competition for existing foreign media broadcasting in Belarus and providing independent news. One of such medium is a satellite TV channel Belsat. Programs aired by Belsat are also available at


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