Lukashenka invites opposition for round table talks

Alexander Lukashenka announced today during a meeting with Belarusian school teachers that he would like to invite Belarusian opposition, the EU and Russia for a round table talks. – Our strength lies in our unity, and the future of Belarus should be decided not in city squares or blockades, but rather through a dialogue, a normal humane conversation“ – said the Belarusian president.

„I, as a president, propose to every sensible person and to everyone who loves their country, no matter what is their political option, to sit down together at a round table, look each other in the eye and realistically estimate who can do what to improve situation in the country, but not through thumping and clapping in city squares. You want to struggle – here you are – struggle in an open debate, present your arguments, your point of view. But not through riots and not with arms. This kind of actions will be immediately stopped“ – said Lukashenka.

Lukashenka proposed that the EU together with other international organizations and Russia sent their representatives to participate in the open debate at a round table. – Let them see who stands for what, what are their goals. We are fully open and ready to offer such opportunity. – he added.

The President said that sanctions against Belarus are completely unnecessary: „Let’s talk and for sure we will reach an agreement.“


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