Initial investigation into Minsk metro bomb attack concluded

Andrei Shved, the deputy prosecutor general and head of the investigating group, informed yesterday that the initial phase of the investigation into terrorist attack of April 11th, had been concluded. The entire documentation of that case – 550 files, was submitted to the prosecution’s office. According to Bielpan News Agency, the trial most probably will be held in the Supreme Court.

Mr Shved also informed that the suspects are accused of executing a terrorist attack, illegal trade of explosive materials, hiding crime instruments and deliberate destruction of state property. Mr Kavaliov is going to be charged with 15 criminal counts, and Kanavalav – with 30. If proven guilty in court, they will be held responsible for killing 15 people, injuring hundreds and material losses worth hundreds of thousands dollars, for which they can be sentenced to death.

The suspects were arrested within first days of investigation. The deputy prosecutor general stated that they did not cooperate with anyone nor were they commissioned. – Kavaliov and Kanavalav acted on their own – stressed Shved.

The date of the terrorist attack was random, according to the investigating group – It could have happened as well on April 10th or 12th. The date of April 11th was just a coincidence. – said Shved.

He also stressed that there is no connection between the explosion in Minsk metro and the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik. – Any kind of ties [between two attacks] are made up by the media. – said the deputy prosecutor general.


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