Bronislaw Widlstein delivers his message to the political prisoners in Belarus

Belsat TV is running a new campaign “Solidarity with the political prisoners in Belarus”. More than 30 well-known people from Belarus, Poland and other countries will appear in short video clips, stating their message to the Belorussian prisoners of conscience. Today’s clip features Bronislaw Wildstein, a journalist and political writer. During the Soviet rule, he was an active opposition member.

He is addressing Uladzimir Khamichenka, a particiapnt of the December 19th demonstation sentenced to three years in prison. Khamichenka was a regular demonstrator, not a member or activist of any of the oposition parties. He was arrested during the protest and charged with participating in a mass social disorder.

The audience and supporters of Belsat TV can join the campaign by sending their own clips with words of support for the Belorussian prisoners of conscience to

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