Belsat’s movie awarded at Chronograph Film Festival

Lobotomy, a documentary movie directed by a well-known Belarusian director, Yuriy Khashchevatsky was awarded twice at the 9th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival „Chronograph” in Chisinau, Moldova. The movie received audience award and a special award for “original expression and social empathy”. 28 movies from 19 countries took part in the contest.

About the movie:

Lobotomy is a story of propaganda war accompanying real conflict between Georgia and Russia in August 2008. Authors compare two sets of pictures: first – materials obtained from the Georgia’s Interior Affairs Ministry and second – video shots from Russian TV stations. The goal is to understand how inhabitants of post-soviet republics are manipulated by media.

The propaganda campaign run by Russian media is compared to lobotomy – a surgery of disconnecting brain parts in order to reduce thoughts and emotional processing. The side of effect of lobotomy was loss of the sense of one’s identity. Authors of the movie suggest that Russian TV propaganda works in a very similar manner on its audience – by reducing mental processes.

Lobotomy was produced by Belsat in cooperation with foreign partners.

Lobotomy” 2010 r., script author and director Yuriy Khashchevatsky

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