Moscow withdraws from gas price increase for Belarus

Price of Russian gas exported to Belarus for next three years will stay at the level of $250 for 1000m³. That means Russia gave up a plan to increase gas price to the market level. The information comes from business magazine “Marker” and is based on materials prepared for the Gazprom shareholders meeting, which is to be held on June 30th

– Belarusians managed to gain guarantee that gas prices will be kept on the previous level, which is $250 for 1000m³. – wrote the Russian newspaper. Gazprom, according to Belpan news agency, has not commented on this information so far, but the materials prepared for a shareholders meeting will soon be published on Gazprom’s website.

Leonid Zlotnikav, a Belarusian economist, thinks that gas price is related to crude oil price. – We still don’t have any official confirmation, but most probably oil price will fall and therefore gas price is staying stable. – he told Belsat. Zlotnikav also claimed that Belarus will pay $223 for 1000m³ during the first quarter of the year and $244 during the second quarter.

According to Russian experts, referred by Bielpan news agency, the final price of Russian gas is dependant on valuation of 50% of Bieltransgaz shares, a Belarusian company which Gazprom intends to buy.


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