‘Investigative Committee is to blame’. 18-year-old orphan suspected of ‘mass rioting’ commits suicide

Dzmitry Stakhouski. Source: Vkontakte

Dzmitry Stakhouski, a 18-year-old Minsker involved in a ‘mass riots’ criminal case, committed suicide in the evening of May 25 by jumping off a 16-storey building in Minsk, human rights centre Viasna reports.

On May 26, the Belarusian Investigative Committee confirmed that the Minsk resident was found dead ‘with signs of falling from height’ at about 1.45 am near a block of flats on Kiryl Turauski Street in Minsk. According to the investigators, the young man was in a state of ‘moderate alcohol intoxication’. They also admitted that he was a suspect in the criminal case initiated over the fact of ‘mass riots’ on August 9-11.

Before killing himself, the teenager posted a suicide note on his VKontakte account, blaming the authorities for his death.

“The Investigative Committee is to blame for that. It is an open secret that I was accused under Article 293 of the Criminal Code. If they did not keep exerting moral pressure on me, I think I would not have dared do such a terrible act as suicide. But my strength was running out. And as you can see, I could not hack it. Yes, many people told me something like ‘do not worry’, ‘everything will be fine’, ‘don’t think about worst scenarios‘, ‘keep your mind off troubles’. However, it is easy to say until one finds themselves in such a sutiation,” Stakhouski wrote in his last post.

Dzmitry was an orphan and lived in a dormitory. It were the employees of the dormitory who pointed to the guy as a participant in the post-election protests, after which he faced criminal charges and was interrogated the same day he died, May 25, human rights defenders stressed.

His friends say that Dzmitry worked for a company that develops mobile games, he was the moderator of one of the games.

He was a good man. He was an orphan. After finishing a programming course, he worked at a firm and earned well,” his friend who who asked not to reveal his identity told belsat.eu.

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