25 years in prison for ‘Pahonia’

They were had 16-17 years old, they loved the Belarusian language and greet each other “Long live Belarus!”. For that they received sentences: four were executed, the rest got from 10 to 25 years in prison.

At the last moment the execution was replaced by 25 years of labor camps. Graduates of the Hlubokaye teachers’ seminary dreamed of independence for Belarus in the Stalin era. Together with like-minded people from Pastavy teachers’ seminary, they were members of the Union of Belarusian Patriots. This is how the future spouses Anton Furs and Alesya Umpirovich.

He received 15 years of concentration camps. Alesya Umpirovich – 25 years. It was a punishment for her drawing a “Pahonia” (Pursuit) coat of arms under which young people swore allegiance to Belarus.

alesia umpirovich furs

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