Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior: Putin intends to supply terrorists with phosphorus munition (Beware photo)

The Kremlin is going to provide pro-Russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine with phosphorus munition which are forbidden in the whole world, Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser of the Interior Minister, said on Facebook on behalf of Minister Arsen Avakov. publishes the full text of the address:

‘On this picture [above – Belsat] one can see some terrible wounds caused by the phosphorus munition banned throughout the world.
It is exactly the kind of weapons that Putin intends to pass over to the terrorists of DNR and LNR to continue their crimes against civilians and the Ukrainian military

Let’s stop Putin together!

About a month ago some Russian media that support terrorists of LNR and DNR started to accuse Ukrainian military of using phosphorus munition against civil population.

As usual, the evidence boils down to the “eyewitnesses’ account”, which is not possible to verify due to the absence of the witnesses.

For the reference – Ammunition containing white phosphorus spreads the igniting mixture the burning point of which exceeds 800 ° C over an area up to several hundred square meters. Combustion continues until all the phosphorus is burnt out or until no oxygen is available. Such weapons can cause extremely serious and painful injuries or provoke a slow and very painful death.

The use of phosphorus munitions is banned by the Third Protocol to the Convention on the Prohibition of Certain Conventional Weapons.

The Soviet Union (therefore currently the Russian Federation, as the successor of the Soviet Union) acceded to the Convention in 1983.
However, millions of units of phosphorus ammunition for artillery and multiple rocket launchers are still kept at Russian military supply depots.

At the moment the Ministry of Internal Affairs received irrefutable evidence of the fact that the terroristic organizations of LNR and DNR are carrying out negotiations regarding getting phosphorus munitions to be used in multiple rocket launchers “Grad” from Russia.

It is possible that terrorists intend to use phosphorus ammunition to shoot at civilians to blame their painful death on Ukrainian army.
This evidence will soon be submitted to the UN Security Council and the OSCE for nailing down yet another fact of direct support to terrorists by the Russian Federation. Since phosphorus ammunition for multiple rocket launchers is not a thing one can “buy in any store”!

The Interior Ministry emphasizes that the use of phosphorous munitions is prohibited by international conventions and unacceptable. Individuals involved in such munitions import in the territory of Ukraine and their use against civilians and Ukrainian military will be sentenced by the court to life terms in prison.’

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