Officers who urged colleagues to speak out against violence detained

Last October, four reserve officers: Major Andrei Dzichko, Lieutenant Colonel Syarhei Bendz, Lieutenant Colonel Syarhei Shpak and Major Andrei Bakurenka recorded a video message where they called on the security forces to stop the violence and to take the side of the people.

Now two participants of the video appeal, Syarhei Shpak and Andrei Dzichko, are in the KGB detention center, wrote civil activist Tatsyana Vadalazhskaya.

Syarhei Shpak had served in the armed forces for 28 years. He has not yet been charged. Syarhei has four children, two of whom are minors.

The Human Rights Center “Viasna” reports that Andrei Dzichko was also detained, but was released 10 days later, on July 17. He is now in the status of a suspect, but it is not known under what article.

They also took away their military ranks.