‘Nasha Niva’ employees suspected of causing property damage

Detained employees of “Nasha Niva” Andrei Dynko, Andrei Skurko and Yahor Martsinovich have been charged again.

Yahor Martsinovich, Andrei Dynko and Andrei Skurko. Photo collage: nn.by, baj.by

Now they are suspected under Article 216 of the Criminal Code – causing property damage without embezzlement. This is punishable by freedom restriction or imprisonment for up to five years, reports “Nasha Niva.” Under this article, they have been detained for another three days.

The journalists are accused of paying for the public utilities of the editorial office according to the rates for natural persons, while it was necessary to pay the rates for legal entities. The Ministry of Energy calculated the damage in the amount of 3,500 rubles.

Yahor Martsinovich, editor-in-chief of “Nasha Niva,” was detained on 8 July. The chief editor of “Nasha Niva,” Andrei Dynko, the head of the advertising and marketing department Andrei Skurko and the chief accountant Volha Rakovich were detained with him and released on 16 July.

According to the Investigative Committee, they are all suspects under part 1 of article 342 of the Criminal Code (“Preparation or organization of actions that grossly violate the public order or participation in them”). On 18 July Martsinovich, Skurko and Dynko were detained for the second time already under the new article of the Criminal Code. This time for three days. They are kept in the TDF on Akrestsin Street.

Human rights activists have recognized them as political prisoners.