Hrodna authorities dismiss priest from post of rector

Priest Georgy Roy. Photo:

There will be a new rector in the main Orthodox church of Hrodna – Pakrouski Cathedral. Father Georgy Roy has been transferred to another church.

“Georgy Roy is no longer the rector of the cathedral, and Mikalai Haiduk is no longer the rector of St. Nicholas Church. But they didn’t go anywhere,” Deacon Dzmitry Paulyukevich, press secretary of the Hrodna diocese of the BOC, wrote on his page.

Last August, Archpriest Georgy Roy openly spoke against violence.

After the election, Georgy Roy wrote on Facebook that a large bell would sound in the cathedral every hour during the day to call for peace and harmony, to stop the unjustified violence, torture and provocations and to express solidarity with the innocently arrested, sympathy to the injured and maimed and support to the relatives of the victims.