Moscow: Riot police arrest activists singing Ukraine’s anthem

Civil activists organised a march in the centre of the Russian capital: seven persons carrying a banner in the shape of the Ukrainian flag were going in the direction of the Kremlin and singing Ukraine’s anthem. The street they were walking down was cordoned on the occasion of May Day.

One of the participants were distributing leaflets saying: ‘It is not the fight for decent life and human rights that has united the Russian people but a terrible secret services provocation, hatchet television and the idea of ‘our Crimea’. People, wake up!’

{movie}Arrest of pro-Ukrainian activists in the heart of Moscow.|right|16219{/movie}

The activists were chanting ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ When riot policemen started to push them and twisting their arms, they didn’t stop singing. Four of them (Katerina Maldon, Ildar Dadin, Maksim Chekanov, Mikhail Udinov) were detained; three hours later they were released., following

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