Crimean Tatars report grave violations in referendum

There were even mental patients and people possessing Russian passports among voters on Sunday’s referendum, Nariman Dzhelyalov, a representative of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, told TV channel ATR.

According to him, thousands of violations took place in the course of the referendum, e.g. ghost voters were involved, he stated.

{movie}Crimean Tatars made a video ‘We are one people, we are one country!’, song by Okean Elzy.|right|15368{/movie}

Most Crimean Tatars decided to boycott ‘the anti-Constitutional plebiscitum’. Standing for united and undivided Ukraine, this ethnic group fears that Crimea will join Russia remembering Stalinist purges and deportations en masse after the Second World War.

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