Ukrainian Naval Forces HQ besieged: ‘Situation is stably bad’

Belsat TV has reached Ukraine’s Navy Forces headquarters in Sevastopol. Being blocked by Russian troops, they are not allowed to leave the military community and threatened that water could be cut off, officers say. Their relatives and indifferent people are bringing food to them.

{movie}Crimean Tatars bring food to Ukrainian militants.|right|15161{/movie}

The militants say that the situation is ‘stably bad’. ‘There are a lot of provocative acts; armed people are walking round the headquarters. They menaced to cut off water. We keep receiving information that a storm can start at any moment. We don’t have any contacts to these people but ‘new authorities’ often come, threaten and try to convince us to pledge allegiance to Crimea and Sevastopol. They state that we should surrender, that we are turned adrift, It is a psychological attack. It is difficult to predict how long we will be withstanding this total siege. But we will be sticking to guns as long as we can,’ a militant told Belsat TV.

According to him, a lot of local residents welcome armed people without any insignia. At the same time, the families of Ukrainian officers often act as human shields being in the way of Russian special forces.

The officers urge journalists to provide extensive and unbiased coverage of the developments in Ukraine.

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