Belarus TV presenter Ryhor Azaronak labeled threat to Ukraine’s security

The author of propaganda projects on the state TV channel STV Ryhor Azaronak is now a threat to national security of Ukraine. For TV stories about Ukraine, he was added to the base of the Peacemaker Center, which investigates the signs of crimes against the national security of this country, peace and security of mankind. Azaronak is accused of abuse of office, interference in the affairs of a sovereign state and the spread of anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

In January, he received a medal for bravery in Belarus, but has now been mentioned in the database of crimes against national security of Ukraine. State propagandist Ryhor Azaronak got to the data base of the Peacemaker Center for a story in which he called Ukraine a country of dying people.

“They sold the whole country: land, factories, ports. They turned a prosperous country into a pirate banderastan. Your children are being sold for organs on a commercial scale, and girls are almost officially delivered to European brothels,” Ryhor Azaronak said in his program.

Today the propagandist tried to justify his words: “I appealed to the Ukrainian people, to ordinary, normal people of Ukraine, of whom I also know a lot, I do not have any hostility towards Ukrainians, to our people, as our president says. Well, as for the political establishment, we have to say this, because unfriendly steps are always taken by them, and we answer”.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka is also mentioned in the base as an accomplice of pro-Russian terrorists and Russian invaders. He ordered to hand over to Russia militants and mercenaries detained last year near Minsk, who, he was quoted as saying, “committed war crimes on the territory of Ukraine.” And his son Viktar visited the occupied Ukrainian Donbas three times and is mentioned as a possible accomplice of terrorists.

For the concert in the annexed Crimea, the Belarusian singer Maks Korzh was not only put into the Peacemaker base, but also received a stamp in his passport with a ban on entering Ukraine.

And blogger Syarhei Tsikhanouski found himself in the data base for getting into the Crimea and trying to legalize its occupation. Those who have been mistakenly put in the Peacemaker base may request that the error be corrected.

Ihar Stankevich, Belsat