People arrested at music party outside Minsk punished with long arrests and fines

On the evening of February 13, participants and spectators of the concert involving several Belarusian bands like “Razbitoye Serdtse Patsana” Panska Moc and Ok-band were detained at the recreation center “Ogoniok” outside Minsk, reports.

The local chat reports that 67 people were detained and taken to the police station. Some of them seemed to have been taken there in their own cars and escorted by riot policemen. According to unofficial information, police reports were filed on the detainees. At least four people were released pending trial. The manager of the RSP group, Anastasia Dol, is reported to have been detained.

The detainees were tried in the temporary detention center of Zhodzina. Judges gave the maximum penalties under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code. A total of 59 people ended up in the dock, reports “Viasna”.

It is already known that singer Valeria Suravitskaya, Zhanna Prakapenka and Daria Alyakseyeva got 15 days of arrest each. Yulia Mikhailava and Yulia Anisenia were released with fines of 30 basic units (870 rubles).