Russia to curtail oil exports

In September Belarusian oil-refining enterprises may receive 400,000 tons less than Russian partners were to supply. Moreover, the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection Service is examining Belarusian foods.

“In order to avoid technological problems at Druzhba pipeline replacing a pipe is needed. From September, 1 oil supplies to Belarus will be reduced to 400,000 tons,” news agency RIA-Novosti quotes Transneft Deputy Head Mikhail Barkov as saying.

However, official websites of Transneft and Druzhba oil pipeline provide no information on the subject.

In its turn, the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection Service expressed concern over quality and safety of Belarusian foods, especially dairy products.

The organisation also noted relaxation of control from the Belarusian side, but there has not been any ban on export of foods from our country.