Inspector Yemyalyanau on track of spies?

Passions are rising in Mahiliou region: the case of “Belsat spies”, who allegedly reported from a “secret barn”, is heating up. It is being conducted by police lieutenant Aliaksandr Yemyalyanau, an inspector of Byalynichy District Directorate of Interior. It is him who might have confirmed the journalists’ identity.

Independent journalists Alina Skrabunova and Yauhen Hlushkou are under suspicion: it is the second time that the inspector has sent call-up papers to them. As at the moment Yauhen Hlushakou is “a person against whom the administrative case has been initiated” he should appear in Bialynichy District Directorate of Interior at 10 am on May 20, 2013, human rights centre Viasna reports. Alina Skrabunova has not received a summons yet because she was out.

It is to be recalled that in February, 2013 Belsat’s journalists were covering the persecution of activist Valery Vusik who had disclosed numerous violations of the administration of agricultural production cooperative Lebedzyanka. After launching threats against Mr Vusik its representatives accused the journalists of … industrial spying saying that the latter entered a barn (!) without the administration’s permission.


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