Belarusian authorities evacuate migrants staying not far from Polish border

The area near the village of Grzybowszczyzna in Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland. August 20, 2021.
Photo: Belsat

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Belarusian authorities have evacuated several dozens of migrants, who were staying on the territory of Belarus near the Polish border for illegal border crossing, Polskie Radio reports with reference to Dariusz Senicki, spokesman for the chief of the local Border Guard Department.

(UPD) He also stressed that this group of migrants had never been on Polish territory, according to him, they were located on the stretch of the border close to the Polish town of Terespol.

Meanwhile, the flow of migrants, trying to illegally enter Poland from the territory of Belarus, has been stable. On September 11th alone, Polish border guards stopped 244 attempts to enter Poland. Also, four foreigners – citizens of Iran, Cameroon, Georgia, and Tajikistan – were detained for helping to cross the border illegally.

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Earlier, the Polish government decided that foreigners who assisted in illegal border crossing would be issued a decree obliging them to forcibly return to their country of origin within 48 hours. In addition, they are banned from entering the Schengen area for 5 years.

Now the Polish border guards continue to remain on high alert due to the introduction of the state of emergency in the border areas of Poland.

On September 2, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a decree introducing the state of emergency in Lublin and Podlaski voivodeships — a 3-kilometer strip along the border with Belarus. The Polish government argued that it is “a necessary step to avoid a serious migration crisis.”

The state of emergency will be in effect for 30 days and may be extended.

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