Dzemidzenka detained after interview to Belsat TV

Mikola Dzemidzenka, one of Young Front leaders, was caught near the apartment block he lives in. The activist managed to inform Belsat journalists of the detention by the phone.

“They have taken me to Frunzenski Directorate of Interior, I am being kept in the office now. According to them, I am not a detained person and I should not worry. But it is the things that they always say! I do not know what is behind it. I have not any other idea but the anniversary of the crackdown after the latest presidential elections,” he said.

Shortly before his detention Mikola Dzemidzenka was interviewed by Belsat TV on the occasion of the second anniversary of Ploshcha-2010, the peaceful emonstration’s dispersal. Dzemidzenka’s abduction has checked with the day of Zmitser Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau’s arrest: the both are still behind bars.


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