Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva left in prison for eighth time

Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva and Syarhei Krupenich. Photo:

Political prisoner Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva had spent 111 days behind bars and was supposed to be released yesterday.

“After eight protocols and 111 days, Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva was not released. She was taken somewhere 4 hours before she was released. Now she is, most likely, in the TDF, waiting for another “trial.” The lawyer knows,” said Anastasiya’s friend.

Tomorrow ends the next prison term for Anastasiya’s husband, Syarhei Krupenich.

Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva is a former teacher of Minsk gymnasium. She was convicted eight times under administrative article 19.1 of the Administrative Code (“Dissemination of information products containing calls to extremist activity or promoting such activity”) for the fact that she and her husband forwarded news from telegram channels to each other.