‘Indestructible Brotherhood’: Belarusian military fly off to Russia to take part in CSTO drills

The member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) are to hold the 2021 Indestructible Brotherhood military exercise of their peacekeeping forces in Russia on November 8-12.

The wargame is reported to take place on the training ground of the Kazan Order of Zhukov Red Banner Higher Tank Command School. The Belarusian forces flew off to Russia to take part in it, the country’s Defence Ministry reported on Thursday morning.

“The Indestructible Brotherhood exercise will bring together the military contingents of the security bloc’s member states, military police units, the CSTO Joint Staff and Secretariat operational groups, units of the Interior Ministries, National Guards and Emergencies Ministries. Representatives of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, Serbia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, and also of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international organizations have been invited to the final stage of the drills,” news agency TASS quotes the press office of the exercise.

The exercise also aims to enhance the cohesion of units making part of the CSTO peacekeepers; in the course of their practical training, the forces will practice operations at a checkpoint, tasks in a refugee camp, humanitarian cargo convoys as well as measures to seal off a community and storm a building seized by terrorists, free hostages and render assistance to those injured, the statement reads.

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